Experiencing new dimensions through musical branding

Just decades ago, it was rare for corporate entities to devote significant time and resources to creating logos and building brands. These days, it’s impossible to think of a company without its associated brand. Brands are designed to create an artistic signature that establishes a relationship between a company and its clients and represents a symbol in the community. And with today’s multimedia platforms, companies have the power to take brands to another level, going beyond visual marks to use the most powerful and universal language of all – music.



Touching hearts and souls

  • Expressing the values of an organization using a representative, emotionally powerful, and universal art form
  • Creating a sense of belonging for employees, partners, and customers
  • Reaffirming the mission and history of the organization
  • Offering a cultural legacy to the community, providing a new kind of heritage available around the world on all music distribution platforms

During his career, he has composed anthems for major organizations such as:

  • Unicef
  • Lotte
  • The 400th anniversary of Quebec City
  • The Royal Canadian Airforce
  • The American Nurses Credentialing Center
  • The City of Saemangeum, South Korea
  • The 66 Royal Golf Clubs of the World
  • The Official Anthem of Fairmont Le Château Frontenac
  • The 100th anniversary of Lebanon
  • National Order of Quebec

Steve Barakatt is one of the few artists who have been able to truly understand the values of organizations and create compositions that reflect their mission and philosophy.

Watch the release of the Unicef International Anthem, “Lullaby, The UNICEF Anthem” in space:

Watch the Official Anthem of Ordre national du Québec

Watch the Saemangeum Anthem documentary “One More Heart, One More Dream”: