Le Phare


As Creative Director of le Phare’s Multimedia Concert Hall & Production Center, Steve Barakatt is in charge of supervising the conception of the facilities and the creation of new artistic & entertainment content.

“We are proud to welcome a leading, internationally renowned Canadian artist as Creative Director,” said Groupe Dallaire CEO Michel Dallaire. “The large scope of Barakatt’s expertise combined with his extensive network around the world will allow us to create world-class entertainment content to be featured in the new multimedia concert hall, on the public place and on the top floor observatory.”

The new multimedia concert hall and production facilities will feature a high-end natural acoustic environment in addition to a state-of-the-art high definition amplification system allowing multidisciplinary artistic productions to be presented with the highest quality sound, staging, and visual effects.

The stage will accommodate up to a full symphony orchestra, and a recording studio inside the multimedia concert hall complex will fulfill all music production needs for films and video games.

“This considerable investment by the private sector in the establishment of a major artistic platform for creation and dissemination is fantastic news,” said Steve Barakatt. “I am thrilled to be part of this amazing project, which will transform and enhance the cultural scene in Quebec and Canada.”

The construction of Le Phare is planned for 2018 and the project represents an investment of $ 650 millions.